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RPC is a research and technology organization (RTO), with the core mission to harness science and technology in the service of innovation, and to build economic competitiveness. As provincial crown corporation, RPC is New Brunswick’s provincial research organization (PRO) offering
contract R&D and technical services to business and all three levels of government.    
Headquartered in Fredericton, NB, RPC's complement of over 100 scientists, engineers and technologists are supported by a 13,000 sq. meter facility housing world-class analytical chemistry and material-testing laboratories, comprehensive life science, forensic and biotech laboratories, world class fish health services, extensive prototype design, manufacture and testing services and a wide variety of pilot facilities for the development and improvement of industrial and environmental processes and products.
RPC is accredited by various organizations including the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), Health Canada and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Success in accreditation programs assures our clients that our services can be relied upon to meet all essential standards of quality.
In business since 1962, RPC offers services to New Brunswick and beyond serving 1000 clients in 30 countries annually.


RPC Building

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RPC Building    

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